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Broker handing over the key to customer

Buy and sell real property with ease

From commercial transactions to buying a home, real estate transactions can be tricky to handle alone. Instead of risking your financial well-being, straining your wallet, and taking up hours of time, let a lawyer make things easy!


When you work with the team at Schuiteman & Salacina, Attorneys at Law, you can always count on reliable services for great prices. We can help with any area of real estate with services including:


•  Commercial and residential real estate

•  Structure and negotiation of transactions

•  Conducting legal transactions

•  Closing real estate transactions

Are you a landlord with tenants who won't pay rent or a commercial renter with a fraudulent lease? No matter what your situation might be, the right legal aid can make a huge difference.


With the dedicated and experienced team at Schuiteman & Salacina, Attorneys at Law, you can get reliable services like:


• Commercial landlord-tenant issues

• Commercial lease disputes

• Breach of real estate contract/escrow deposit disputes

• Title insurance claims

• Environmental contamination

• Real estate fraud

Litigate your legal real estate issues

Real estate is important. Do what's right for you with attorneys you can trust.

Make real estate easy with the team at Schuiteman & Salacina, Attorneys at Law!

Estate planning - simplified

Who says real estate has to be complicated? With our help, you can make every transaction a breeze.